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Moray is known as the sunshine coast of Scotland. It is tucked in between the Grampian mountains with beautiful views. It is one of the 32 local government councils of Scotland. Moray lies in the northeast of the country together with the coastline on the Moray firth. It borders the council areas of Aberdeen Shire and Highland.

Moray has a rich history and a stunning natural landscape. The population of Moray is proud of the heritage and traditions boasting throughout Moray. They have fine local produce and the golden alchemy of distillers and brewers.

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The larger part of Moray’s population lives in the northern part of the district, with only 1 of its 8 wards covering the glens to the south. The town hosting the majority of the population is Elgin. Elgin is home to 25% of the population.

Moray boasts some of the best deals to visitors looking to explore the nature side of Scotland. Many bird and animal species, including osprey, red squirrel, and capercaillie, can be seen in the habitats.

The rare bottlenose dolphins can also be seen often from the shore. With the right amount of luck, the golden eagle may be spotted in the uplands.

In Scotland, whisky is a big deal for tourists to enjoy. Moray is the ancestral home of the distilling industry as well as the unique Malt Whisky Trails. The trail links several of the area’s most popular distilleries and visitors can get an insight into the making of this traditional Scottish drink. Most of the tourists visiting Moray come from far to take part in the trail and take advantage of this great opportunity to tour the most popular distilleries.

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