Must-See Attractions in Moray

Moray has plenty of attractions for tourists to indulge in including museums, galleries, and many historical sites. This article showcases some of the most beautiful and interesting landmarks and attractions to visit in Moray.

Duff House

The Duff house is one of Scotland’s most underappreciated treasures, yet one of the most spectacular. The Duff House is home to an art gallery that boasts a collection of Scottish and European art. Some of the works of art include pieces by Raeburn and Gainsborough.

The house itself can be seen as a piece of art. It’s an impressive baroque mansion set on the edge of Banff and built between 1735 and 1740.

Culbin Forest

Culbin Forest is set in Findhorn on the western side of the Bay. It’s where Scots and Corsican pine was planted in the 1940s to stabilise the shifting dunes which destroyed the Culbin Estate in the 17th century.

The forest is crossed by a maze with cycling and walking trails leading to the beach near the mouth of Findhorn Bay. It’s also one of the best birdwatching spots in Moray.

Elgin Museum

Elgin Museum stands as Scotland’s oldest independent museum. The museum showcases some great history pieces in the beautiful Victorian Building. Some of the exhibits include Ecuadorian shrunken heads and Peruvian mummies.

Some of the most astonishing pieces are of important fish and reptile fossils that were discovered in local rocks.

Scottish Dolphin Centre

The Scottish Dolphin Centre is set in a historic icehouse that used to store ice for the preservation of local salmon catches. It’s known to be one of the best locations for spotting dolphins in the country.

Inside the centre, visitors can watch live feeds from nearby wildlife cameras. Spot Dolphins seals, and other marine creatures at the mouth of River Spey. Guided wildlife walks are also available.

Fordyce Village in Portsoy

The Fordyce Village lies about 3 miles from Portsoy. One of the main attractions to visiting the village is the 13th-century St Tarquin’s Church boasting extraordinary canopied Gothic tombs. The impressive 16th-century tower house of Fordyce Castle is also available to view but not open to the public.

Close to the Village is the Joiners Workshop which has a collection of traditional woodworking tools and machinery.

These attractions are some of the most powerful and astonishingly beautiful places to see in Scotland, and can surely satisfy all visitors to Moray.

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